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The History of the Ukrainian World Golf Challenge

1998 1st Ukrainian World Golf Challenge – Ft. Lauderdale, USA

The year 1998 was revolutionary. Competitors of Ukrainian descent from Canada
and Great Britain joined Americans and Australians in their competition and the
Ukrainian World Golf Challenge was born. That year, golf courses in Florida
welcomed more than 100 participants including 74 competitors. The Australians
achieved success in the very first international competition of Ukrainians and the
Brits offered to host the next challenge.

1st Richard Lyszczarz (Australia)
2nd Dean Lyszczarz (Australia)
3rd Mykola Salata (USA)

1st Ivan Furyk (Australia)
2nd Zenon Kuc (Canada)
3rd George Baer (USA)

2001 2nd Ukrainian World Golf Challenge – Marbella, Spain

In May 2001, even bigger meetup was organized. Over 150 participants came to
Marbella, Spain to support their golfing community. A new team of 5 from Germany
joined the Ukrainian World Golf Challenge and – together with Great Britain –
established Team Europe. During this tournament, Canada led in the standings for
the first three days of play but Australia took it away with fantastic play on the final

1st Harry Lesiw (Australia)
2nd Wes Furyk (Australia)
3rd Michael Hamalij (Europe)

1st Ivan Furyk (Australia)

2003 3rd Ukrainian World Golf Challenge – Hawaii, USA
(Myron Shymko Memorial)

The 3rd World Golf Challenge took place in Hawaii in late October. Both golfers and
non-golfers from around the world gather at the Kapalua Resort to renew
friendships, share strategies for lower scores and, of course, participate in golf
competition. The eventual winner was again ‘World Champion‘ Australia, beating the
Canadians into second place.

1st Tony Kastropil (Australia)
2nd Jürgen Huse (Germany)
3rd Kon Medway (Australia)

1st Glenn Forsyth (Australia)
2nd Roman Luzniak (USA)
3rd Ivan Furyk (Australia)

2005 4th Ukrainian World Golf Challenge – Brisbane, Australia

The World Golf Challenge IV was held in mid-November 2005 at the marvellous Twin
Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. More than 100
golfers competed for their countries in the Challenge: 10 from the USA, 8 from Great
Britain, 3 golfers from Germany, and Canada was well represented with 29 golfers.
Australia, as the host country, had the largest contingency of 60 golfers. The 2005
Golf Challenge also saw an increase in the number of female golfers with eight
participating; of these, six were from Canada. Ultimately, Australia defeated
everyone – again.

1st Alexander McLean (Australia)
2nd Adrian Hawrysiuk (Australia)

1st Adrian Hawrysiuk (Australia)
2nd Glenn Forsyth (Australia)

2008 5th Ukrainian World Golf Challenge – Vancouver, Canada

Ukrainian World Golf Challenge V was held in the summer of 2008 in Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada. Golfers from all over the world had a chance to experience
the beauties of four golf courses during this tournament – Northview Golf & Country
Club, Nicklaus North Golf Course, Redwoods Golf Course and Westwood Plateau Golf
& Country Club. The six country teams – Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain,
Ukraine and USA – competed for golf supremacy over the course of four days of the
tournament. For the first time in history of Challenge, Australia as a team was
defeated by Ukrainian team.

1st Walter Wilczak (USA)
2nd Leonid Iemets (Ukraine) and Michael Paul Bdzola (Great Britain)
3rd George Dashko (Canada) and Bohdan Kushnir (Canada)

1st Alex Mazur (Australia)
2nd Andrij Kisil (Canada)
3rd Ivan Furyk (Australia)

2011 6th Ukrainian World Golf Challenge – Berlin/Bad Saarow,

Ukrainian community in Germany organized the 6th World Golf Challenge in May,
2011. Four golf courses were included in the Challenge tournament package. Three
of them were all designed by legendary architects – Stan Eby, Arnold Palmer and
Nick Faldo. The winning team was Australia again.

1st Ihor Parchomenko (Ukraine)
2nd Roman Kaban (Australia)
3rd Nik Kohut and Mychajlo Charenko (both Australia)

1st Bohdan Kushnir (Canada)
2nd Andrij Melnyk (Czech Republic)
3rd Slavik Dyvoniak (Canada)

2013 7th Ukrainian World Golf Challenge – Mission Hills, China

The 7th Ukrainian World Golf Challenge was held in September 2013 in
Shenzhen, China. Two years ago, Ukrainian golfers and non-golfers stayed and
played at the world’s largest golf course Mission Hills where twelve of the golfing
legends including Palmer, Norman and Nicklaus have left their mark with signature
golf course designs, creating 216 holes of golfing pleasure that is the cradle of golf in
China. Canada – with a small select team – won the team trophy.

1st Paul Allen (Great Britain)

1st Andrij Melnyk Jr. (Czech Republic)

1st Slavik Dyvoniak (Canada)
2nd Bohdan Kushnir (Canada)


1st Michael Hamalij (Germany)
2nd Mick Charenko (Australia)


1st Myron Panczuk (Germany)
2nd Bob Lanycia (Australia)

2015 8th Ukrainian World Golf Challenge - Prague

The 8th Ukrainian World Golf Challenge was held in August 2015 in the Czech Republic, based in the historic city of Prague. 

The practice round was held at the picturesque Karlstein course, somewhat curtailed by bad weather and dangerous conditions. The weather improved and the tournament rounds followed at Beroun, Black Bridge, Beroun again and finally Konopiste, all spectacular courses and true tests of golf. 

Ukraine won the Net Stableford team competition with a small select team and Canada, although bottom of the Stableford table, were top of the Gross score table. 

Overall results were:- 

Stableford Team Scores 
1st - Ukraine 
2nd – Great Britain 
3rd – Germany
Gross Score 
1st – Andy Kisil (Canada) 

Net Stableford Score 
1st – Paul Allen (Great Britain) 

Flight Results (Stableford) 

Division A 
1st – Andrej Melnik (Czech Republic) 
2nd – Jaroslav Dyvoniak (Canada) 

Division B 
1st – Paul Allen (Great Britain) 
2nd – Andrii Lutskiv (Ukraine) 

Division C 
1st – Lana Charenko (Australia) 
2nd – Igor Parkhomenko (Ukraine) 

2017 9th Ukrainian World Golf Challenge - Scotland