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Frequently asked questions

 We dont claim to be perfect and from time to time we'll miss bits out that you pick up on. Below you'll find some of the most popular and constructive questions that we,ve been asked so far.
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    How flexible are the arrival and departure dates?
    We can accommodate arrivals two days before the Pre Golf Tour (starting 19th July) and three days before on the main UWGC Event ( starting 23rd July). Departure dates after the main event should be 31st July or 1st August.
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    How hilly are the courses? For older or injured players, would you recommend carts or is walking ok?
    The courses that we have selected for the UWGC are relatively flat in nature. Glen Golf Course on the Pre Golf Tour is moderately hilly in places if you are joining us early. Golf Buggies can be reserved at anytime but we have restricted numbers at Mussleburgh Golf Club.
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    If I ask for an electric trolley, who is responsible for charging batteries? and will this go with us on the buses or will we pick up at each location or do I take into accommodation with me?
    Electric Trolley hire will be taken care of for you if you wish to request one. You will not be asked to keep the trolley in your hotel room or asked to charge the battery.
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    Can I play the Old Course St Andrews during my stay?
    If you are a group applying to play on the Old Course in high season, please note that only requests from a lead golfer on behalf of the group will be accepted and the maximum number of golfers accepted from one request being eight. You should apply in writing to reservations@standrews.com from August 2016 unfortunately we cannot do this on your behalf. The Old Course can be requested for Monday to Friday only and an official handicap card/certificate should be presented to the starter when playing the Old Course that should be no more than 24 for men and 36 for ladies. You will need to pay for the Old Course currently £175 plus one other addition course, Jubilee £75, New £75, Eden £45, Castle £120 or Strathtyrum £30. If you so wish you do not need to play the second round but you would still need to pay for both rounds. Therefore if you or a group of you wish to arrive early, lengthen your stay or substitute practice rounds or days off, the the Old Course can be accessed for as little as £205 at current 2016 prices. If you choose to make an advance application for the Old Course and are successful then please let us know so that we can help you to arrange your transportation to and from St Andrews. These transfers may be available free of charge but is solely dependent on other commitments already planned. If additional nights at Dalmahoy are needed to co-inside with your Old Course booking then extra nights can be requested using the current booking form.
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    How do I identify my payments made to UWGC 9?
    When making any payments into our account please include your name followed by UWGC9. This way when can make sure your payments are tracked and credited to your account correctly.
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    What is the dress code for both gala dinners?
    For both the official welcoming and fair well dinners the dress code is lounge suits and tie
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    Will I need travel and golf insurance?
    We strongly recommend that you take out adequate travel and golf insurance. If you have an accident during your time here in the UK, or if you unfortunately cause harm or injury to another person or property, you will need to be covered by a suitable policy.
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